Installation & Sales of Water Filters and Water Softeners

Whole Home Water Filters

Cleaner, healthy water from every tap in your home


Options and Upgrades


Whole Home Lead Reduction

It isn’t just the line to your home that can add lead to your water. Lead is often picked up in the water mains long before it gets to your faucets. This addition ensures that it is stopped as soon as it comes in from the street.


Sediment Filtration
Older city piping, broken water mains and local construction can release a surprising amount of dirt into the local plumbing. This enters homes and is dispensed through your homes’ faucets and accumulates in your hot water tank and shower heads. A Watermart Sediment Filter will remove this dirt prior to it contaminating your home.
Water softener - 58-16MB-32B-2


Use Catalytic Carbon

Catalytic activated carbon is an excellent option for increasing chloramine reduction, chlorination byproducts and increasing the lifespan of the filter bed.

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