Client Details

    In order to take up as little space as possible, this project required the installation of a complete commercial reverse osmosis system and prefiltration to be mounted on the wall and hung from the ceiling. Water is treated overhead while bottles are washed with a commercial grade washer and filled underneath. The installation includes the following:

    • 20″x4.5″ 5.0 micron sediment filter
    • 20″x4.5″ extruded carbon filter
    • Pressure gauges to assess change-out frequency
    • 2500 GPD commercial reverse osmosis system
    • 500 gallon storage tank with recirculation through carbon & ultraviolet
    • Re-pressurization system including 14 gallon diaphragm tank and
      stainless pump
    • Post extruded carbon filtration
    • Totalizing meter to measure the water dispensed
    • 9 GPM NSF certified ultraviolet system
    • Complete installation of wash station including drains & purified water
      to nozzles