Client Details

A naturopathic college in Toronto, Ontario was opening a new all-organic cafeteria and needed reverse osmosis water for all food preparation. They also wanted a filling station so students could fill their water bottles throughout the day. WaterMart installed a commercial reverse osmosis system that met all the College’s needs.

The system incorporates the following:

  • 2 x 1 cubic foot granular coconut carbon backwashing filters for chlorine
    and other organics reduction
  • 2500 GPD commercial reverse osmosis system with adjustable recycle
    and concentrate pressures
  • 300 gallon polyethylene storage tank with automatic recirculation through
    an extruded carbon block and ultraviolet system
  • Stainless re-pressurization pump with 14 gallon diaphragm tank
  • 20×4″ extruded carbon post filter
  • 12 GPM NSF Certified Ultraviolet System