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It seems like every company is offering an “in home water test and demonstration”. What is achieved by having this?  

Unfortunately the water industry is often reminiscent of old-style vacuum cleaner and encyclopedia sales. If you are on a municipal water source then there is no reason to have a salesperson visit your home. I imagine you’re asking: “Why? Doesn’t my water have to be tested first?” The answer is “absolutely not”. All city water information is freely and publicly available in an annual municipal Water Quality Report. Also, water chemistry does not vary significantly from house to house in a given municipality – and all water treatment systems worth installing in your home will thoroughly reduce lead levels (which is one of the few contaminants that may be different in your home relative to your neighbours). What this means is that the highly-commissioned salesperson with the test kit full of powders, meters and beakers knows exactly what he or she is going to find long before an hour of your time is wasted being inflicted to high pressure sales in your kitchen.

So how do we recommend something that will be right for you?

 If you’re interested in filtering your water, all we have to know is the following:
  • Where you live
  • Are you willing to remove all minerals from your water in order that it be really clean?
  • Are you concerned about how alkaline or acidic your water is?
  • Do you want to remove the fluoride from your water?
  • Are you personally concerned about bacteria in the municipal water (It is very rare to find in any municipal water – but some people would like to include a bacteria filter for peace of mind).

And if you’re interested in softening your water, we have to know the following:

  • Where you live
  • How many people are in your home
  • The square footage of your home
  • How many full bathrooms you have
  • If you have any appliances that use a great deal of water (such as multiple shower nozzles)
  • If there is easy access to your water main and to a drain

Armed with this information we can recommend appropriate system(s).

A relevant note:

Where a site visit may be required is if you want to install a whole home system and your basement is finished and/or there may be some difficulties installing the unit. In this case, the technician who may be installing should be the one to visit – not a salesperson.